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From the first prototype experience, Darrel and his brother Gary knew there was a future for modified, low-cost portable Shelter Units of various sizes and designs and set out to fill that void. The Large Module is just the modified system that can support warehouse, assembly, school, church, and market style large shelters.

Structural panels are made from XPS Foam Insulation cores and sheet PVC, Sanded Plywood, and Rough Sawn Plywood skins for strength and milled all four sides to connect the various construction aluminum extrusions. Energy efficiency, recyclability and sustainability are key considerations.

Large Modules are preferred built with a 2" and 4" EPS Structural Foam insulation core and our 2.75 and 4.75 aluminum extrusion for strength. 8' and 10' walls are standard with the size of our module system roof panels, however, taller structures with a wood frame truss are possible. Simple and fast building installation. White PVC and/or sanded plywood with chrome paint are popular for interior wall reflection for growing rooms. Doors and windows can be designed into the wall between the structure extrusion/panel system.

Warehouse and/or Large Facility Structures are able to be assembled in two days with the Buddy Panel/extrusion system. A post is needed every 10 to 12 feet on center for roofing considerations and walls can be 8 feet, 10 feet, or 12 feet for ceiling space. A concrete slab is recommended for floor surface areas.

Competitive, high energy efficient homes can be designed and built to meet the cost efficient needs of today's families.

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