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Safe Rooms

The Safe Room design is installed with Fiberglass infused panels with an unfinished smooth or gel coat finish, inside and outside. The ballistic door and frame have a four dead bolt system, locked from the inside and venting installed in the door panel or in wall panel for air quality assistance when occupied with the door closed. All structures are also water resistant.

Ballistic panels are designed to meet safe room missile testing (type II-A to type III-A) and for the ballistic panic rooms with a type III rating. Venting requirements demand a 4 sq. in. of air per occupent  installed in required panels. The panels will range in dimension of 4'X4', 4' X 7', 4' X 8' pieces.

The "Ballistic Room" for safe storage and/or personal safety is designed to fit in existing spaces. It can attach to a wood floor, however, a concrete floor surface is preferred for high winds. A type III ballistic door is included along with Buddy extrusions in all applications. In a classroom they can be installed back to back with steel venting for fresh air exchange when in use and exiting from a adjacent classroom.

To keep children safe within their classroom by installing a ballistic proof space makes good sense and reaches across the isle politically. To simply retreat to a safe room and await the authorities to resolve the threat is much better than removing the reasonable rights of individuals. This is just one example of what good can be reached with the right focus, "Buddy Shelters" building a safe alternative world.
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