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Portable Module

Our team of experts have settled on what we think is the perfect extrusion and panel design for the Portable Module. This will meet a sustainable "Green" application, engineered strong and yet simple in design with minimal parts to use in site assembly. A Module can be equipped with structural, insulated, finished panels and if need be, approved ballistic panels for the many future types of "Buddy" products.

The Portable Module is equipped with "Buddy" custom built insulated doors and has the option of being ballistic reinforced. SIP panel doors are available, as well. We can supply PVC European designed windows with steel frame inserts (for strength and energy efficiency).

This particular module can be completed with a floor and/or attached to concrete, or a wood or steel framed platform. When stacking, the first floor's roof becomes the second floor's floor and so on. Some of the extrusions and panels have raceways so you may install electrical wires and access for the installation of structural hold down cables within the roof and walls traveling across to the base and attached at the bottom of the finished corners.

These portable modules can be attached to a concrete foundation for uplift with hidden bolts and stainless steel cables with connectors for the many different structural requirements. They may also be elevated above the ground by using one of the engineered post and pier foundation devices for uplift and racking pressures.
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