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The "Buddy Pet Cube" and "Buddy Mini" are designed and BUILT TO LAST.

Only "Green" renewable and recycled materials are used. Not only is this product environmentally friendly, it is also shock and sound absorbing with an easy to clean Kennel Mat covering the floor and roof surfaces so pets can sit on roofs and floors comfortably. The bottom panel is covered with "Elephant Bark," a product used in Zoos and animal kennels for antibacterial surfacing.
A great deal of research and development has transpired to withstand high wind and projectile objects for the safety and protection of your pet. This is a unique dog shelter rated at 300 MPH and above when bolted down at each corner to a concrete slab. It is able to be moved from place to place and is constructed with materials that are warranted for fifty years!
Aluminum is the extrusion choice for our Module connections. We can offer many colors related to Architectural designs.
The Patent Pending Panels and Extrusions offer many different design criteria's for structural and temperature requirements for the different terrains and climate areas with housing needs worldwide. Designs for extrusions and panels are milled flush to one another for moisture control purposes.
The "Pet Cube" provides thermal panels, with a rating of R18, that allow very little sun radiation to enter the interior of the Cube. It acts the same way for cold, however the air temperature is allowed to enter the Cube through the front vent, therefore the back wall surface remains to allow for comfort. The cross ventilation was installed high at the rear of the Cube to allow heat to escape and provide an insulated wall under the vents for a pet to press themselves below the air flow for the comfort of using their own body heat for warmth. Both the front and rear vents were provided to release warm temperature, however, special consideration will be taken into account for places with colder temperatures.
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