Our Mission - Buddy Shelters

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We strive to fulfill the needs of forward-thinking people, engineers, architects, and contractors. We are unique in the application of a simple yet strong building system with sustainable components, and in the use of energy efficient windows and doors.

Our experienced team of architects, engineers, and contractors provide the best solutions to any design requirements or technical issue. We have constructed in extreme environments and have researched to provide the best components. We have proven ourselves and our products to be superior.

We take on individual challenges, designing, and customizing to fit your unique needs.

We provide our building system with integrity and quality. We offer the assurance of professional engineered components and most of your products are performance tested and industry certified to the highest standards.
We proudly offer absolute satisfaction and "Peace of Mind."

It is certain that you will benefit from the Buddy Building System in so many other ways. Our Patented construction component materials and energy efficient windows and doors provide the ideal building envelope. From amazing thermal and sound insulation to lower costs and speed of construction, the Buddy Building System is the best alternative system and materials available.
We can produce homes and buildings that are cozy and beautiful, promoting life, health, safety, and welfare!

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