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Homeless Shelters

We are a committed national team of various ethnic groups and heritage, most long time design/build professionals, some working years together to help provide low cost housing both nationally and internationally. We incorporate a proprietary “Innovative Module Design” to accomplish this task. Our designs are patented and unique to this endeavor. The “Buddy Building System” has been under development for the past few years by professionals from the “Certified Green” construction and concerned medical fields. We began actual production late 2014 manufacturing and assembling early design structures using this method. We are ready and willing to bring this product to the masses in need, with the help of our affiliates. 

Urban POD designs allow for multi-living Units which could include homeless shelters used as sleeping quarters. Our innovative module building system can stack Units four levels above grade or parking if desired, without additional structural components. 8X8, 10X8 and 12X8 stacked Units can easily be designed to support sleeping areas and walkways for access. We can design for maximum use with larger spaces as needed to perform any task by simply expanding the module panels system to the desired dimensions.

An available site can be managed more efficiently and used long term and/or temporarily as we can design/build the POD concept to be mobile (assemble now for use and dis-assemble later and move to another temporary site). A four level building above parking (five stories) could include 80 sleep areas, a check in office, 4 separate office/counsel rooms, 8 double bath and shower facilities, I bath only for check in office, 4 laundry/food prep areas (each floor), 2 full stairways, 1 full service elevator and provide for landscape areas. We could supply our R-22 rated floor, wall and roof system for heating concerns and use a “White Roof” sealing system that would reduce 98% of the suns radiation and help with cooling the sleeping quarters and other spaces. We can design/build affordable and sustainable Homeless Facilities to serve those less fortunate.
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