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Buddy Shelters, LLC has taken "GREEN" module building to a WHOLE NEW level. We have incorporated aluminum extrusions and SIP panels to create a new low cost building method that is easy to ship and assemble. Any type of structure can be designed to work.
We are also able to accommodate large structures. Even though the design is simple, we are able to expand and stack the units for multiple living and storage uses, up to 4 stories above parking.
Our PATENTED EXTRUSION and PANEL designs were developed to provide structures for affordable housing and non-profit organizations. During our research and development of the building system, we have discovered that the unique design can also be used commercially. We desire to team up with Non-profit and For-profit providers that need products and services encompassing low-cost, easy to assemble, compact shipping units of structural homes, buildings, and structures of all designs. If you have a desired need please contact us at:  MainStreamDarrel@aol.com
Structural Insulated Panels are used to provide strength and thermal properties for our floors, walls and ceilings. The cap and insert style aluminum extrusion clamps the panels for superior frame support.
Buddy Shelters, LLC is a "GREEN" manufacturer, designed and assembled by Certified Green Professionals.  We use only recycled and renewable materials in most of our structural designs, creating sustainable structures!
We have over 60 years of combined industry experience and stand ready to help you with any need related to building. "Life, Welfare, and Safety" are our interests! Please visit the "Contact Us" page for more information on how we can be of service!
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